Miroslav Sekác, the founder and artistic leader of the ensemble prospects old collections for music that he arranges in an unusual and non-traditional way. Miroslav Sekác works closely with Czech Radio and Czech Television and his arrangements of folk songs have been released on CDs by the Bonton and GZ Loděnice companies. 

Karmína also provides educational programs for youth in co-operation with Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK as well as special programs for seniors citizens. 

The Karmína musicians perform both on home stages as well as abroad. They toured in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, Poland and also in Canada, the USA and even in Namibia, South Africa and Japan.


  Miroslav Sekác

  - art director

  Jirí Chudoba

  - clarinet, chalumeau, cornamusa

  Jana Piherová

  - soprano, bagpipes

  Eliska Aguirre

  - violin, fiddle

  Veronika Chudobová

  - violin, fiddle

  Lukás Votava

  - double bass, kvinton, tromba marina

  Dominik Michálek

  - baryton, plucked instruments

  Roman Klimt

  - bas

  Barbora Dusková

  - flutes, cornamusa



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